What we do

Amey has worked in partnership with Walsall Council since 2002 to improve and maintain the street lighting stock and standardising the lighting throughout Walsall. Amey has greatly improved the night-time environment across Walsall since the partnerhsip began.

Walsall is a diverse metropolitan borough with great cultural heritage, including rural villages, market towns, and commercial centres. The street lighting network had suffered from many years of under-investment and maintenance backlog. The partnership with Amey has provided an opportunity for the local authority to obtain the necessary investment and expertise to transform the street lights in the town.

The first phase of the project brought all streetlights in Walsall up to international standards, a process that was completed two years early, and saw 18,000 streetlights replaced. The lights will now be maintained at this level for the rest of the contract.

Since this project began, the following successes have been achieved:

  • Reductions in road traffic accidents of up to 22% across the region
  • A 24% fall in the number of night time burglaries and thefts since the start of the programme
  • Savings of are up to £60,000 per year to the council through green electricty